Creepy But Incredible Post-It Note Art

Posted on 23 December 2010 oddy88

Post-it note art, ever heard of it? Well, it looks awesome when you look at these photos. I think it matters who the artist is. The one that did these ones goes by the name John Kenn, and that’s all. The guy is very mysterious and no one knows a lot about him, but he can really make art. I personally love this style, the setting from the pictures seems like from a fairytale, but it still is a bit creepy that makes it “non-childish” and special. Kenn has a Bachelor Degree in Character Animation and is working for two TV-shows.

post it art 1

The reason why his drawings are so amazing and unique is because of his creativity and his education because he is after all a professionally trained character animator. For inspiration he uses Stephen King and some of his own childhood nightmares. Anyway, his little creepy art work is really great. And if you want more, take a look at these

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bizarre art illustrations.

post it art 2

post it art 3

post it art 4

post it art 5

post it art 6

post it art 7

post it art 8

post it art 9

post it art 10

post it art 11

post it art 12

post it art 13

Via John Kenn.

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