Bizarre Art Illustrations

Posted on 20 December 2010 oddy88

Surrealism in today’s art is getting more and more popular. Artists are expressing themselves in more open ways than before, and many of them have bizarre thoughts and feelings that need to be shown. The creativity has gone far for many of today’s artist and here are a collection of some really weird art illustrations of several different artists.

weird illusion 1

They may remind of Salvador Dali’s work because they are bizarre, and they show kind of unrealistic things. Some of them are really creepy so you will probably feel funny while taking a look at them, and you will maybe not understand what the message is with several of them, but that is just the way art is, you don’t have to understand it. More creepy and weird art works are these photographs of little dollish girls.

weird illusion 2

weird illusion 3

weird illusion 4

weird illusion 5

weird illusion 6

weird illusion 7

weird illusion 8

weird illusion 9

weird illusion 10

weird illusion 11

weird illusion 12

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  1. chuck branham Says:

    I am looking for the name of the artist who did the original album cover art on the Pigface album “FOOK” NOT the remake by Fred Blue

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