Creepy and Disturbing Mummy Dolls

Posted on 06 November 2010 oddy88

Horror is the right word for Shain Erin’s mummy dolls. They are terrifying, and it is hard to believe that any child wants to play with them. But that is not the purpose of these creepy dolls, they are made for art exhibitions around the world. Shain’s dolls have been seen in quite a few countries; U.S., Australia, Norway, England, Germany, Canada and France. Erin has always been really into mummies, he says that they are like „books waiting for audience“. This is not the first time that he creates a unique art work; since childhood he has been interested in art, and has created sculptures and painted a lot.

creepy doll 1

To make the mummy dolls he used Paper clay and fabric. Some of them look like skeleton, some like monsters and others like zombies. It is definitely a nice collection of creepiness that will make you feel funny but impressed. Erin is not the only one using scary dolls to express something; this Mexican island has the scariest collection of dolls.

creepy doll 2

creepy doll 3

creepy doll 4

creepy doll 5

creepy doll 6

creepy doll 7

creepy doll 8

creepy doll 9

creepy doll 10

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