Nailympics – An Unusual Manicure

Posted on 18 October 2010 oddy88

It is a well-known thing that long and fixed nails are both attractive and feminine, but the nails they are making at the Nailympics are a bit, well, overstated. The Olympic games of nails was first held in USA about ten years ago when some nail brands decided to make a non-profit competition for fun. This year top rated manicurists participated in London on events as “fantasy nail art” and “gel sculpture”. For those who think that this is easy, you are very wrong, because the participants needed several years of training before they were ready to compete.

nail olympics 1

Up to 24 countries with 354 competitors attended the Nailympics showing what

their country can offer. They make artificial acrylic nail and glue them on natural nails of the models, and the ideas are many, everything from forest to angels. If you would like to check out more artificial stuff, you can take a look at these fake cakes in “Cakeland”, Oklahoma.

nail olympics 2

nail olympics 2

nail olympics 3

nail olympics 3

nail olympics 4

nail olympics 5

Via DailyMail.

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