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Posted on 15 January 2010 oddy88

Looks like a dream filled with all decorative cakes. The Cakeland in Oakland is literally for the sweet addicts. The place which is created to appear as the delicious collection of the tempting cakes all around is actually the artistic work that is articulately done to resemble these amazing collections of delicious cakes. It is simply about the cakes all over- whether the cakes placed on tables, mounted on walls or as hangings from the ceiling, or stacked on top of each other.

cakeland 1

cakeland 2

cakeland 3

cakeland 4

cakeland 5

cakeland 6

These Scott Hove’s cakes are everything one desire for but are not consumable. The good thing about them is that they can last long until the artist or the society wants them to be preserved, unlike the real cakes which are exhaustible. It is mainly because of the material these artificially flavored delicious cakes are made of viz. acrylic, wood and cardboard.

cakeland 7

cakeland 8

cakeland 9

cakeland 10

cakeland 11

cakeland 12

But in order to preserve them and their beauty accurately, some of these cakes are well-equipped with some sharp tools as defense to hold the cakes from getting melted. According to Hove, it can be called as the anti-cake making the beauty vulnerable and transitory and short-lived. Though it is an amazing place but Hove considers it to be a pilgrimage place away from the realistic problems of life while some consider it to be a kind of torture.

Via M S Hove.

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  1. Voyage Montreal Says:

    Looks really yummy 🙂

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