Hilarious Lego Star Wars Advertisement

Posted on 26 February 2011 oddy88

A group of

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creative students from Escola Cuca Advertising School in Sao Paolo Brazil has created something in between Star Wars and Lego. They have used Lego Star Wars to make several fun scenes that hey eventually photographed. The scenes are hilarious. Some are showing how Stormtroppers are writing “Vader Sucks” on a wall, how Princess Leia found a new boyfriend and Darth Vader is having a barbecue party. They called this project “Make your own thing”, and it was directed by Diego MourĂ£o and Gustavo Dorietto, and the copywriter Lucas Mohallem.

lego star wars 1

These are all advertisement for Lego Star Wars, and I bet a lot of older fans will also buy the set, because you are never too old to play with Lego, and Star Wars is simply awesome, so that helps. And if you’re too shy to buy it you can always lie and tell that it’s not for you and make the people at the toy store wrap it up as a gift. And if you want to see more Lego Star Wars you should check out this Chess set.

lego star wars 2 lego star wars 3 lego star wars 4

Via WhiteZine.

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