Star Wars Chess Set Made Out Of LEGO

Posted on 09 December 2009 oddy88

The LEGO Star Wars chess was developed recently, during the spring period and was later presented in California during a Star Wars Day event. It was among the first games to be released this year with great success. The game is definitely going to keep you entertained for hours, and once you hook up with it no turning back. Since it’s a new game, all the favorite concepts have been incorporated to make sure that you get the real value of your money. LEGO Star Wars Chess was rated as the most perfect game for all groups of people and it’s being sold in major shops country wide.¬† So visit any of these outlets shops today and get yourself LEGO Star Wars chess for you and your entire family.

lego star wars chess 1

Playing LEGO Star Wars chess is very easy, since the interface is user friendly and any one can peruse through with great ease for both the young old groups of people. Other games that are available can’t come close to this popular¬† chess game and the only way to discover that for yourself is to have a try. Have fun with Cool Lego star wars chess. Via Flickr.

lego star wars chess 2

lego star wars chess 3

lego star wars chess 4

lego star wars chess 5

lego star wars chess 6

lego star wars chess 7

lego star wars chess 8

lego star wars chess 9

lego star wars chess 10

lego star wars chess 11

lego star wars chess 12

lego star wars chess 13

lego star wars chess 14

lego star wars chess 15

lego star wars chess 16

lego star wars chess 17

lego star wars chess 18

lego star wars chess 19

5 Comments For This Post

  1. Anon Says:

    Shouldn’t Darth Sidious be the King and Vader be the “queen”? Seriously, not even trying to be funny

  2. aggh!tea Says:

    … and also Jawas on the Rebel’s side (as rooks)… surely it should be Ewocks?

  3. wayne Says:

    Really cute. The gameboard itself looks totally awesome. I take it the pieces store inside?

  4. thewilled Says:

    I’m gonna say no about Darth Sidious as well asEwoks, and here’s why.

    It looks like this set is based on the first Star Wars Movie, every character here was from that movie, some of them were never seen in any of the others, Sidious and the Ewoks were not introduced as characters until the later movies, while the Emperor was mentioned in the first Star Wars, he was only mentioned by name and never seen, and the Ewoks were just Lucases replacement for the Wookiee’s in ROTJ.

  5. jhon Says:

    Y aren’t at-at’s and snow speeders on the board i thought they had an important part in episode 7, am i right? . .

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