Moravian Karst – A Spectacular Cave System of Europe

Posted on 29 January 2011 oddy88

In the Moravian Karst cave system of the Czech Republic near Brno and Blansko you can find a sinkhole named The Macocha Abyss, also known as Macocha Gorge, that is 138,7 meters deep. It is considered to be the largest

in central Europe. It is remarkable for its amazing fragile and colorful

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dripstone formations.

macocha abyss 1

One of the stalagmites, called “Sv√≠cen” (Candle), has a lace-like collar an effect created by sinters, and the place has also been used to a lot of archaeological work. Today it is a very popular tourist attraction and it has a lot of visitors every year. Also cavers and technical divers can go in there. From the pictures it looks like a magical place, like something you hear about in the fairytales. Other amazing caves are these ones in Bahamas.

macocha abyss 2 macocha abyss 3 macocha abyss 4 macocha abyss 5 macocha abyss 6 macocha abyss 7 macocha abyss 8 macocha abyss 9 macocha abyss 10 macocha abyss 11 macocha abyss 12 macocha abyss 13 macocha abyss 14 macocha abyss 15 macocha abyss 16 macocha abyss 17

Via D0cent @ Live Journal.

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