Make a Clock Out Of Broken CD-ROM

Posted on 06 January 2011 oddy88

If you have one broken CD-ROM drive here is what you can do with it. Try to make your own personal clock, it is cool and if you are geek it may be perfect for your room.

old cd rom 1

old cd rom 2

old cd rom 3

old cd rom 4

old cd rom 5

old cd rom 6

old cd rom 7

old cd rom 8

old cd rom 9

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  1. SomethingElse Says:

    Is this article a finished product? Where are the accompanying instructions? Are people supposed to believe that these images are all you need to “make a clock” out of an “old cd-rom”?? Thank you for having yet _ANOTHER_ useless site on the internet, to bring the online world that much closer to Suckdom. Morons! Grow a brain.

    Also, what’s the deal with adding the “IBM” logo sticker to it for the last 3 images? I seriously doubt IBM wants you re-branding this junk with their name.

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