Grow a Moustache To Show Support

Posted on 15 January 2011 oddy88

Moustaches can give men whole face a different look and appearance, or when they shave it off they look like a completely different person. A lot of important iconic male personalities throughout history had moustaches. Maybe it made them look more powerful or intelligent?

moustache 2

Without his moustache Albert Einstein would look so much younger, Super Mario would look like a random handyman and Hulk Hogan would probably look like white trash. The illustrations are a part of a tribute to the Singapore Prostate Cancer Research Fund. It encourages people to grow a mustache to show support, and of course donate some money.

moustache 1

If you are one of those who can’t grow a mustache, by that I mean that you are a woman you can always buy a mustache at their website, and there are plenty of style to choose from. The illustrations have the slogan “Mustaches Make a Difference”, and here you can see them all.

moustache 3

moustache 4

moustache 5

moustache 6

moustache 7

moustache 8

moustache 9

Via Blognator.

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