Funny and Silly Vintage Computer Ads

Posted on 12 November 2010 oddy88

It feels like the first computer came ages ago, and you can almost say it did when you take a look at these vintage ads for Virginia Tech computers. They sure were useful and interesting back then, but now they are just funny to look at. The most fun part is that they have put so much effort in selling these computers; they have even used sex and nudity to sell better.

Today a computer ad is just about the price and the design, and if you are into specifications you can also read that in a little writing next to the picture of the computer or laptop. It is scary to think about the fact that someday we will look back at today’s ads, maybe not computer ads, and laugh, but that is just how it goes. More fun vintage ads are these shocking sexism ads from the mid-20 century.

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  1. jojo Says:

    Haha, idiots posted a Dharma Initiative computer.

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