Danish Lighthouse Abandoned Because Of Sand

Posted on 20 February 2011 oddy88

This beautiful lighthouse is unfortunately abandoned. It worked from 1900 until 2002. Coastal erosion and shifting sands led for it to be abandoned. It is called Rubjerg Knude and is situated in Jutland Denmark. It operated on gas until 1908 and it is 60 meters above sea level. Beside the lighthouse there were a museum and a coffee shop, now it’s almost buried under the sand, and it changes all the time, sometimes it’s almost covered with sand, other times it’s uncovered, depends on the wind.

lighthouse 1

Lately in 2009 the lighthouse has been damaged a bit because of all the heavy pressure from the sand. We just hope that it will not get completely destroyed in a couple of years from now. Several other stuff has been abandoned throughout the years, like this Buzludzha that is an abandoned flying saucer monument found in Bulgaria.

lighthouse 2

lighthouse 3

lighthouse 4

lighthouse 5

lighthouse 6

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