Creepy Monster Garden of Orsini Family

Posted on 26 December 2010 oddy88

70 kilometers from Rome you can find this old monster garden. They are located in a part of a woodland near the valley where the famous Orsini family castle. Pier Francesco Orsini built this garden, and his wanted it to be different and non-religious. And you can say that they are unique, but still a bit creepy. Taking a walk through the garden today is far from boring, because you never know what kind of monster monument will wait

around the corner.

garden of monsters 1

Orsini created the garden after his wife died, he needed something to put his mind to, and architect Pirro Lugorio helped him a lot with his work. The monuments have no connection with each other; it seems like they are just randomly placed around the garden with no specific plan whatsoever. A part of the sculptures are Pegasus, Poseidon and Proteus, and there are specially one monument that is really powerful: the one of the elephant crushing a Roman soldier. Another different and weird garden is the Dwarf Garden in Salzburg.

garden of monsters 2

garden of monsters 3

garden of monsters 4

garden of monsters 5

garden of monsters 6

garden of monsters 7

garden of monsters 8

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