Celebrities Taking Over the Dollar Bills

Posted on 07 December 2010 oddy88

Today there are so many celebrities in the media and around us that we are used to a life hearing and seeing them all the time. It would be weird if nobody was famous, where would all the gossip go, and what about Hollywood; there would be no such thing, or what? Anyways, they have now placed faces of different celebrities and put them on currencies, like their faces being on TV wasn’t enough.

celebrity currency 1

Of course, this is not real. It is obviously the work of one anonymous artist has certainly had a lot of fun in making these. Famous faces like Brad Pitt and Colin Farrell are used, as well as Osama Bin Laden. Well, he is not Hollywood material, but everybody seems to be talking about him. These faces on currencies are probably meant to be a joke, but I would not be surprised if they actually put celebrity faces on it for real in the future. When we are on this theme about money, here is the 100 dollar bill and pictures showing how it has changed the last 150 years.

celebrity currency 2

celebrity currency 3

celebrity currency 4

celebrity currency 5

celebrity currency 6

celebrity currency 7

celebrity currency 8

celebrity currency 9

celebrity currency 10

celebrity currency 11

celebrity currency 12

celebrity currency 13

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