Abandoned French Town in Cambodia

Posted on 18 February 2011 oddy88

Outside the town of Kampot in southern Cambodia there is an abandoned French town called Bokor Hill Station. It was built in 1922, and the building of the town is just stunning but really old-looking. If you wonder why it was abandoned the answer is because of a war in the 70’s.

abandoned town 1

The town has a main building that has an amazing view over the ocean, and the other buildings are everything from a catholic church and houses to a casino. The town was built to work as a

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resort for the colonial French settlers that wanted to escape insanity of Phnom Penh.

abandoned town 2

The buildings are today really rusty and old, but it’s an open tourist attraction, so you can go anytime and visit the place. Maybe you’ll think it’s spooky but you will definitely get yourself a great experience. Another spooky abandoned place is this Russian theater.

abandoned town 3 abandoned town 4 abandoned town 5 abandoned town 6 abandoned town 7 abandoned town 8 abandoned town 9 abandoned town 10 abandoned town 11 abandoned town 12 abandoned town 13

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  1. fajas colombianas Says:

    Just give these houses a paint job and they will look smashingly beautiful once again.

  2. Phil E. Drifter Says:

    Did they died?

  3. Sarin Says:

    As a Cambodian American I do not appreciate how “because of a war in the 70” qualifies as an answer to why these buildings were abandoned. It wasn’t just any war. It was a genocide. 1.7 million people died. The people that lived here were probably fortunate enough to have been able to leave. I guess this website is devoted to weird things, but a little time could of been given on this article. could of found out about the Killing Fields too.

  4. jjjjjjj Says:

    until you see the underground bunker

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