A Dalek Made Out of One Egg

Posted on 17 December 2010 oddy88

I know a lot of people that are really into arts and crafts, and that is not surprising because you can have so much fun with it and the possibilities are so many. Someone has come up with the idea to made Dalek out of an egg. Dalek is a fictional figure from the TV show Doctor Who. It is simple to make one yourself; you just need a white egg to start with. You then draw the features of a Dalek on the egg, and then you draw over that again with beeswax. When you’re done with that you just paint it with the colors of the sci-fi figure.

dalek egg 1

Remember to empty the egg afterwards; because you really don’t need the egg, you are fine with just the shell. At the end you dewax it gently and decorate it with thing you have that can give the Dalek its final touch. If you’re into Sci-Fi you should check out this Awesome Custom Made R2-D2 PC Case Mod.

dalek egg 2

dalek egg 3

dalek egg 4

dalek egg 5

dalek egg 6

dalek egg 7

dalek egg 8

dalek egg 9

dalek egg 10

dalek egg 11

dalek egg 12

dalek egg 13

Via Flickr.

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