When Fruit Transforms Into Sculls

Posted on 17 October 2010 oddy88

How the Russian artist Dimitri Tsykalov managed to capture the contrast between the fruit and the sculls is really interesting. Health and freshness against tragedy and sadness is the main key words for this piece of art. He can make the most delicious fruits like watermelon to an ugly and creepy scull with no sign of joy. Dimitri is known for several types of “raw” and shocking art.

fruit skull 1

Being a man with a lot of strong opinions, this work with the fruit was his way of protesting against world hunger. Now that you have seen fruit in this kind of form, you may think twice when wanting to eat an apple again.

fruit skull 2

fruit skull 3

fruit skull 4

Either you like this king of art or not, you will probably agree that it is kind of impressing and creative to cut a simple item like fruit and transform it into something completely else with a totally different message and impression. Sculls and skeletons have been used a lot in today’s art society – they have even transformed cartoon characters into skeleton sculptures.

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  1. Zombi Says:

    “Skulls”. I know, it’s a difficult word, with plenty of letters. Any first-grader would have made that mistake. And to think, english is not even my native language. A shame, really.

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