When Farm Kids Get Bored

Posted on 26 October 2009 oddy88

No-one likes being bored. It is not necessarily a destructive emotion (although the producers of Fight Club might disagree) but it does compromise your existence, no matter what your age, level of education, skill set, income or company. Of course, when you are on a farm, it is somewhat easy to imagine that one can get bored relatively easily. Stuck on a remote location in an environment where thirsty and repetitive work is the rule of the day, it is all but inevitable that one will eventually turn to unconventional use of common farm products if its means attaining the amusement that they yearn. Indeed, there are pictures on the Internet that show what wonderful works of art certain farm kids have made using haystacks. Get out the paint and start applying facial features to the side of a haystack; or get more adventurous. Some people like to make statues with more than one haystack, but there are also impressive life-size sculptures of a satellite dish, a rocket ship and even a ferris wheel! I’ve also seen a picture of a motorbike on its side with two Wellington boots sticking out of a nearby haystack, as though it were the result of a quite unusual accident!

farm kids 1

farm kids 2

when farm kids get bored 1

when farm kids get bored 2

when farm kids get bored 3

when farm kids get bored 4

when farm kids get bored 5

when farm kids get bored 6

when farm kids get bored 7

farm kids 3

when farm kids get bored 8

when farm kids get bored 19

when farm kids get bored 10

when farm kids get bored 11

when farm kids get bored 12

when farm kids get bored 13

farm kids 4

when farm kids get bored 14

when farm kids get bored 15

when farm kids get bored 16

when farm kids get bored 17

when farm kids get bored 18

when farm kids get bored 19

when farm kids get bored 20


farm kids 5



Some Via SnugBurys via iReport.

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  1. e cigarette Says:

    Awesome… Pretty creative work you have done here. I like you funny Halloween designs, kids must love it.

  2. theDude Says:

    where is this?

  3. Jennifer Says:

    There is actually some good art in those pics.

  4. Television Spy Says:

    Tha’s pretty neat!

  5. bill moore Says:


  6. Brad Says:

    So that one picture that looks like sotne henge, is it straw henge or hay hennge?

  7. Johan Says:

    The third and 8th picture are actually from a place known to locals of the Palo Alto area as “the dish”. They are pieces of art that were installed in the last few years.

  8. Gonzobot Says:

    Or, these are some of those pathetic tourist ‘farm’ places, wherein you can go and pay twenty dollars to ride in a wagon with hay on it, and get the privilege of paying fifteen dollars for a factory-made pie! We as real farmers love those places; they let us sell bales of excess hay at literally thousands of percent markup.

    Oh, and by the way, as a farmer since the day I was old enough to drive a tractor, I can tell you that we don’t get bored and make decorations. When we get bored we get drunk. Duh.

  9. Hugsworth Says:

    Several of the hay people with metal frames are part of a really neat art collection by artist Tom Otterness called “Makin Hay”. There really neat and can be viewed on his website.

  10. Devtron Says:

    At least 2 of these pictures are of sculptures on the land owned by Stanford University. Last time I checked, Silicon Valley was not occupied by farm hicks.

  11. rishabh Says:


  12. nerj Says:

    fantastic, nice work of art, very entertaining,

  13. kerri Says:

    These are very nice hay bale designs…

    But when farm kids get bored they shoot things, break things, break themselves and cause other catastrophes!

  14. David Hillman Says:

    If anyone reading this knows the source of the picture shown above, of the castle wall in the field ( http://planetoddity.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/when-farm-kids-get-bored-18.jpg ), please post. Thanks.

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