When Children Drawings Becomes Reality

Posted on 13 June 2011 oddy88

Children are expressing themselves in many different ways, but one of the most popular is through drawings. And they love to give it to their parents and other people as gifts. It’s adorable, but the drawings are always the same; a round head with some sort of face, and a body made out of several lines.

children drawing 1

The figures in the drawings almost look like monsters. That is what artist Dave Devries thought when he made imitations of children’s drawings.

children drawing 2

He is basically illustrating drawings from kids into something that looks like little monsters. He uses acrylic painting, colored pencils and airbrush to create the lovely monster pieces. The reason why he started doing it was because of his young niece who was always drawing something in his sketchbook.

children drawing 3

He immediately got inspired and wanted to make the drawings more alive, more three-dimensional. All of his drawings are gathered in his book called The Monster Engine. Some children develop amazing skills for drawing, like these students that express their art in their notebooks during classes.

children drawing 4

children drawing 5

children drawing 6

children drawing 7

children drawing 8

children drawing 9

children drawing 10

children drawing 11

children drawing 12

children drawing 13

children drawing 14

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