Wells in India Made Out of Endless Steps

Posted on 09 August 2010 oddy88

The endless steps on the walls seen in these pictures are big water reservoirs that go by many names like Baoli, Baori, Baudi, and so on, but are most known as India’s stepwells. It looks like the steps are made for other purposes than practical reasons, but that is not the case. The steps give rather efficient use of the water as they access the stored water, but they also work as a great and easy maintenance of the well.

Now people in India are coming to the steps on hot summer days to cool down in the shadows. It is said that the stepwells are more than 800 years old, and there have been several arguments about that, but most people believe that they can’t be that old after all. Another interesting fact about the wells is that they may have been used to holy baths and rituals because they are built right next to old temples. Today they are no longer in use, because they have been replaced by new systems.

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  1. Hoopy Says:

    English is a tough language…I do hope some of the posters here grasp the concept someday…..

  2. Basta Says:

    The first one was used in the movie “The Fall” by Tarsem Singh. I remember thinking it must have been done with computers, but that’s…that’s awesome.

  3. MovieManiac Says:

    On a quick sidenote: A scene in the movie “The Fall” takes place exactly in one of those endless step wells.

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