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Legoland California, located in Carlsbad which is 1 hour drive south of Anaheim/Disneyland and half an hour drive from north of San Diego, built on a 128-acre landscape with Lego blocks in the year 1999, is the only LEGO theme park in the United States. The theme park which is the only one outside Europe, with the original in Denmark (the original place for toy building blocks), and the others in Windsor (England) and Germany, is the third of the LegoLand parks to open.

legoland 1

This colorful amusement park provides complete recreation to the families and especially to the children. With variety of rides, terrific miniatures, laugh-out-loud shows, everything is just produced with Legos.

legoland sith lord

legoland sydney opera house

legoland mount rushmore

legoland flamingoes

legoland elephant

legoland 2

legoland 3

legoland 4

legoland 5

legoland 6

legoland 7

legoland 8

legoland 9

legoland 10

legoland 11

legoland 12

legoland 13

legoland 14

legoland 15

legoland 16

legoland 17

legoland 18

legoland 19

The term “Lego” was coined in 1932 which is a combination of Danish words meaning “play well”; and in Latin it means “I assemble”. It provides an awesome sight-seeing not only for kids but for adults as well, with Lego Elephants, Lego Flamingoes, ‘the French Quarter’, ‘The Cathedral’, ‘the Mardi Grass Parade’, and many more wonderful Lego things.


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  1. Brian Says:

    Central Florida will be home to the world’s largest Legoland by the end of 2011…….http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legoland_Florida

  2. Kalo Says:

    The only Legoland in the US -so far-, you mean. They’re building one in Winter Haven, FL.

  3. ian Says:

    they should make skyline sound diffuser out of these things….that would be awesome.

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