Unique Handmade Russian Ring

Posted on 23 August 2011 oddy88

The decorative ornament that you put on your finger, also known as a ring, is probably something that is not so easy to make. It’s detailed work that you need to have patience with, as well as enough skills. This Russian home made ring looks even more difficult to make than other random ones that you see at the jewelry shop. It has all these crazy details which give it a unique look, like it’s from the Middle Age or something.

On the photos you can see how it’s made, step by step. You may notice how it consists out of several parts that are put together at the end. It has a green rhinestone or gem in the middle that’s protected by some sort of shield which gives it a magical appearance. Maybe it’s more “exotic” because it’s Russian. Either way it has to cost a lot like all other home made things. But how cool would it not be to own one, don’t you think? This can really remind of these unique Star Wars rings.

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