Uncomfortable and Interesting Steel Furniture

Posted on 10 November 2010 oddy88

Looking at this furniture on the pictures makes you think “unique but not so comfortable”, and that is right. They are old and rusty naval mines that are found on a previous Soviet fortress on Naissaar Island in Estonia. It was sculptor Mati Karmin’s idea to take those World War II mines and use them to something useful, and what is more useful than furniture? The Estonian sculptor has literally made every furniture that you can get out of the steel mines; everything from armchairs, aquariums, cupboards, swings, fireplaces, writing desks, toilets, beds, bathtubs, etc. Karmin has a great educational background in the Estonian Academy of Art where he made sculptures out of bronze and stone.

weird furniture 1

The fireplace gives the

room an edgy look and could probably be used in real life, but the chairs and the bed do not look so comfortable, but still it is interesting to see how you can take something old and rusty and turn it into something cool and useful. If you want to see more interesting and different interior, you should take a look at this underground Hill House in Switzerland.

weird furniture 2

weird furniture 3

weird furniture 4

weird furniture 5

weird furniture 6

weird furniture 7

weird furniture 8

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