Totally Weird Steampunk Monocles

Posted on 23 June 2011 oddy88

Monocles were really popular back in the 1890’s when this kind of eye wear was associated with rich upper-class men and capitalists. It was a pretty simple glass that they put in front of their eye, but now steampunk lovers have made their own interpretation of the monocle. It’s not as simple as the usual one because it has a strap that goes around the head, while the “normal” ones only had a string attached to it.

steampunk monocle 1

There are a lot of steampunk fans that are fascinated by that time era and the style, which is actually pretty normal because the style is unique. Some of the steampunk monocles are amazingly detailed, and if you thought that only men was into making this, you were wrong, there are a lot of ladies out there that are interested in that stuff. Something as amazing as the monocles is this steampunk pen that can do it all.

steampunk monocle 2

steampunk monocle 3

steampunk monocle 4

steampunk monocle 5

steampunk monocle 6

steampunk monocle 7

steampunk monocle 8

steampunk monocle 9

steampunk monocle 10

steampunk monocle 11

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