Top 5 Can Accessories

Posted on 08 January 2013 oddy88

If you drink a lot of canned drinks, then you may may be interested in this selection of accessories that we have found.

Can Caps

can caps

Can caps are a useful product that can help you in a selection of ways. There are different styles that you can buy, but they all seal an open drinks can. This can help if you have left your drink and you are worried that it may be contaminated, perhaps by insects dropping in. It may also be used to protect you from having the drink spiked or even to prevent children spilling their drinks when carrying the cans around.

Can Stacker

cat stacker hydrant

The can stacker is a great accessory for anyone who has a pile of cans to keep in a fridge or cupboard. They can lie down and easily fit together in a group. This prevents them from rolling about and means that you can keep them compact and cool without them getting annoying and taking up unnecessary space.

Can Koozie

The custom can koozie is not only a great way to keep your drink cool in hot weather, but it will also make your drink stand out. You can put any picture or message on there, so that each drink is easy to identify and you will not have the problem of working out whose is whose. You can learn more about them here.

Can Crusher

can crusher frog

A can crusher is a great accessory if you use a lot of drinks cans. However, big your recycling bin is, it can be very useful to make the waste smaller. You can get wall mountable can crushers which will not take up valuable cupboard space in your kitchen or bar area but that will reduce the amount of space your rubbish takes up.

Beer Belt

beer belt

A beer belt can be a great accessory for anyone who likes to drink on the go. These can be used for beer as well as other canned drinks such as coke. It is an easy way to carry cans, which otherwise can be heavy to lift and difficult to hold in large quantities. They also make a great novelty gift.

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