Toothpick San Francisco – 34 Years Of Making

Posted on 15 March 2010 oddy88

Amongst the other achievements around the world, there is one which is delicately held by the strength of toothpicks and is about 34 years old. We are talking about the great achievement of Scott Weaver, whose dream was to build the world’s tallest and biggest toothpick structure.

toothpick san francisco 1

The structure which once started as a pathway to roll ping pong balls now stands in the form of huge structure whose dimensions are 9 feet tall, 7 feet wide and 2 feet deep.

toothpick san francisco 2

There are several ping pong ball rolling pathways and many more entry points within this structure. It has been named as “Rolling through the Bay” because it features most of the San Francisco’s famous places like the Golden State Park, Bay Bridge, Alamo Square, Fisherman’s Wharf, the Cable Car tour etc. The entire structure gives an essence of the city and its look from Scott’s eyes.

toothpick san francisco 3

He began his work 34 years ago, not knowing that he would end up making such a master piece. He initially started building structures with toothpick, essentially to roll ping pong balls through them. But things just went out of control and he ended up with this marvelous art.

toothpick san francisco 4

Unlike other art of this level, Scott’s structure is not very expensive since a pack of toothpicks that contains 750 pieces costs only 99 cents. It took approximately 3000 hours of work and around 1 million toothpicks to come up with this giant structure.

toothpick san francisco 5

Many have offered Scott to buy this structure at a huge price; however he doesn’t want to give it away. At least for now, he would love to watch his own creation which took him nearly half of his life.

Photo sredits via Doornob, Dude Craft and SF Chronicle.

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