The X-men gives the toilet that little extra

Posted on 03 December 2010 oddy88

The creativity around toilet and toilet humor never ends. It seems like nowadays you can get toilets in all sizes and shapes. Now you can get “The X-men #1 toilet”; basically a toilet with pieces of the number one selling comic-book wrapped around it.

x men toilet 1

It was an eBay user’s idea to do this. xenenouveau, as he calls himself, used scissors and X-Acto blades to cut through the comic and tape every image on the toilet.

x men toilet 2

That was a really long process; he actually spent 88 hours plastering everything on the toilet, and at the end he covered the images up with 5 coats of polyurethane.

x men toilet 3

The starting bid is $400, but strangely enough it didn’t get any more bids, not yet at least. People still wonder how anybody can use it in a proper way, but it is probably just made with decoration purposes. You can really find anything on eBay, like for example a Kevin Bacon bust, made out of bacon.

x men toilet 4

x men toilet 5

x men toilet 6

Via OddityCentral.

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