The Watts Towers – A Creation of a Lonelly Man

Posted on 31 January 2011 oddy88

The Watts Towers are some weird towers that were built 50 years ago by Sam Rodia. He was a Italian immigrant and construction worker that was lonely because he was divorced and he couldn’t see his children. Loneliness obviously made him built and built. Located in Los Angeles, California the towers are 30, 29.5 and 16.76 m high.

weird building 1

The materials used are many: steel pipes and rods wrapped with wire mesh, porcelain, glass, and weird enough also objects such as bottles, bed frames and sea shells. They are built with no plan and no design; he just built them how he felt, and he used about 33 years to finish his work. He used hand tools and random window-washer’s equipment, and some of the children from nearby got him materials he could work with.

weird building 2

Some of the children even destroyed some of his work because their parents didn’t like Rodia. When it comes to towers there are many different kinds in this world, but have you ever heard about human towers?

weird building 3

weird building 4

weird building 5

weird building 6

weird building 7

weird building 8

weird building 9

weird building 10

weird building 11

weird building 12

weird building 13

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