The Raw Anatomy Of Letters

Posted on 28 June 2011 oddy88

Letters are something that don’t have an anatomy, that is just absurd. But still I’m wrong, they do have, according to these images. The craziest thing is that they look so real that it’s disgusting but fun at the same time. Artist Andreas Scheiger is the one that has come up with the idea that letters have anatomy like humans.

letters anatomy 1

In the pictures it looks like the letters are on operation tables where there are a lot of doctors operating obviously and of course you can see the “inside” of the letters which is muscles, flesh and bones. It looks ridiculously realistic but sick. The name of this project is Typography Open Operation, a perfect name I would say.

letters anatomy 2

Scheiger’s work is very detailed even if it maybe doesn’t appeal to everyone, but it doesn’t have to; it’s art. Showing anatomy of objects that are not alive is something that a lot of artists have done, like for example this artist that has showed the anatomy of cartoon characters.

letters anatomy 3

letters anatomy 4

letters anatomy 5

letters anatomy 6

letters anatomy 7

letters anatomy 8

letters anatomy 9

letters anatomy 10

letters anatomy 11

letters anatomy 12

letters anatomy 13

letters anatomy 14

letters anatomy 15

letters anatomy 16

letters anatomy 17

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