The Perfect 1960’s American Town

Posted on 15 November 2011 oddy88

An typical American town from the 1960’s, untouched like it has frozen in time. How is that even possible? Well, at first glance this looks like a real town with all the Chevys parked around, the cinema, the toy stores and all the dining places. It’s like entering a movie scene, but where are the people?

american town 1

You will maybe be disappointed when you hear that this is a miniature town built by Michael Paul Smith. He has called this little kingdom Elgin Park, and it’s a mental combination of memory and fiction brought to life by this great artist.

american town 2

The photos he takes of his little town look freakishly real. He has even brought some rain to one of the scenes, and with the lights and all it just looks like reality. This is a proof that camera or photos can lie.

american town 3

Photos of Elgin Park has been launched in a book that you can buy on Amazon. Speaking of miniature models, take a look at the world’s smallest aquarium with baby fish swimming around.

american town 4

american town 5

american town 6

american town 7

american town 8

american town 9

american town 10

american town 11

american town 12

american town 13

american town 14

american town 15

american town 16

american town 17

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