The Most Beautiful Places Where You Should Play Poker

Posted on 08 December 2012 oddy88

Playing poker is really increasing in popularity all over the world, but there are some places where it is more popular than others. Many places have casinos where a selection of games are played but there are some specialist poker playing places as well. The places in the world where poker seems to be the most popular are Dublin, San Jose, Los Angeles, Barcelona and Macau. These are destinations where big tournaments take place or where a lot of people choose to spend money playing poker. It can bring in a good income for these cities.

Dublin – Ireland

Dublin has a long history of poker and it hosts many poker tournaments. There are many different versions of the game played in the city and the biggest band for your buck tournament is held there.

dublin at night

SanĀ  Jose – Costa Rica

San Jose in Costa Rica has a great number of casinos where poker can be played. Often very high stake games are played in the area, which makes them very exciting.

san jose

Because it attracts visitors to the warm beaches and attractive gardens, they also tend to watch or play the poker games as well. It brings in a lot of money to the country.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles has the largest poker room in the world and has hundreds of places to play. Because there are many rich people in the city, perhaps in Hollywood, they come along and join in the games.

los angeles room

It is a very high status city and this is probably why it attracts some of the best professional players.

Barcelona – Spain

barcelona at night

Barcelona may be more well known for its beaches and buildings but it is famous for poker as well. There are some major tournaments that take place there.

Macau – China

Macau has seen the poker industry rapidly expand recently. Along with most of China it is a rapidly developing area and therefore attracting more visitors and wealth and so the game is becoming more popular.


It can be tempting to think, with the amount of poker sites online, such as full tilt poker, that poker may be becoming less popular offline. However, its popularity is growing on and off line as you can see by how many places it is popular in and how spread they are around the world, that it is certainly still popular as an offline game as well. With all of the locations being ppular holiday destinations, people travel there to see the poker as well as the tourist attractions.

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