The Invisible Man Strikes Again

Posted on 08 November 2010 oddy88

This is what camouflage is all about. On the pictures you can see that something is hiding, but admit that is done in such a neat way. It is all the idea of the Chinese artist Liu Bolin, or maybe you can call him “the invisible man”. He really knows how to melt in with the environment, like a chameleon that changes colors to match the background. He studied art at Shandong College of Arts and at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, so he knew what he was doing when he started this “camouflage project”.

invisible man 1

In some of the photos you almost can tell that he is in the picture, like the one with the bulldozer. But the most impressive have to be the two photos with the police officer. Almost all of the settings for the photos are out on the street somewhere, so you could almost call it street art in a way. Either way it is so impressive and detailed done. Several other artists have also used people when creating street art, like for instance this amazing human architecture in New York.

invisible man 2

invisible man 3

invisible man 4

invisible man 5

invisible man 6

invisible man 7

invisible man 8

invisible man 9

invisible man 10

invisible man 11

invisible man 12

invisible man 13

invisible man 14

invisible man 15

invisible man 16

invisible man 17

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