The Existing Cities Of The Future

Posted on 29 March 2010 oddy88

A one picture is worth a thousand words. Those are some prediction of exciting cities in far future. Imagine huge building, futuristic building, near Eiffel’s tower, Dubai that looks so futuristic in our time and you think that it can’t go further. Opera House in Sidney nearness that is so rural that it can’t goes higher. All of those are some designs of the world’s largest cities and capitols that shows us how they can look in a future.

future city 1

future city 2

future city 3

future city 4

future city 6

future city 8

future city 9

future city 10

future city 11

future city 12

future city 13

future city 14

future city 15

Some of the image credits: Moon City Production and EyeWoo.

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  1. lucusice Says:

    The last picture is Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

  2. Than Maung Says:

    I love Planet Oddity.
    Thanks and Best Regards
    Mr Than

  3. Jasper Says:

    Future city 6 is Valencia… It is real:

  4. OrangeSherbert Says:

    umm pretty sure that last picture is Toronto…currently. Last time I checked, Toronto wasn’t a city in the future. Way to go.

  5. SI Says:

    It’s spelt “Sydney” by the way

  6. Erik Says:

    number 9 is Tokyo tower not the Eiffel tower

  7. Joshua Villaluna Says:

    .,.the picture num.8 is in the movie “meet the robinson”

  8. bwahh Says:

    haha.. Some of these are ridiculous… And hey, The last one looks pretttty damn similar to the city I live in.. *rolls eyes*

  9. azul Says:

    which city is picture number 13?

  10. Dictator Says:

    Sad places with no warm appearance, all so cold and un-human.

  11. Ewan Says:

    City Number 11 is actually the CCTV Building in Beijing, China………… That’s what Beijing’s Central Business District looks like!

  12. Ewan Says:

    oh… and the train in Piicture 2 is a 500 series Shinkansen.

  13. hax09 Says:

    People… stop whining about which city these pics might have been taken in and just enjoy it will you….

  14. sara Says:

    number 2 is Valencia (Spain)

  15. Adriano from Japan Says:

    where┬┤s EIFFEL TOWER?
    that was TOKYO TOWER, that already seems futuristic city though..

  16. catalin1205 Says:

    Great collection!

  17. Local Movies Says:

    Great wallpapers….

    Thanks for sharing… frequently am visiting your site.

    – Ravi

  18. Kedett Fanz Are Awesome Says:

    Um, Number 10 is from Meet the Robinsons.

  19. Dan Says:

    Hi, I would just like to point out that your sentence about Sydney Opera house with something about rural landscape and getting higher, yeah, I read that about 6 times (each time trying to think like an even dumber person), and still couldn’t make sense of it. Cool pictures, but that retarted sentence just kept ruining it for me. Thanks for being so dumb that you ruined the cool pictures.

  20. maria Says:

    highly unlikely theseso-called citys will ever exist.

  21. worst post Says:

    some do excist, and yes one is from Meet the Robinson. Mentioning the artist names would be nice still you are posting their artowrk…

  22. OrangeSherbert is a btich Says:

    @ OrangeSherbert, you come here and try to make someone else feel stupid for their post but you were too stupid to read the the title that says, “The EXISTING Cities Of The Future.” Way to go dumbass.

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