The Blue Mysterious Town In India

Posted on 21 February 2011 oddy88

The world is full of cities with strange nicknames and one of them is the Blue City of India that is also known as Jodhpur. It got that name because every little building and house in this fortress city is painted in a blue color, so from above it looks like a blue spot in the middle of the Thar desert. It is still unknown why they all painted in the color blue but some will say that it has something to do with the caste system in India.

jodhpur blue city 1

It all started when the members of the priesty class that is called Brahmins painted their houses blue to separate themselves from the others. But after a while everybody started doing it. If you ask a local why the color blue they will tell you that this color keeps away mosquitoes, which is a strange answer that makes no sense.

jodhpur blue city 2

Now another theory would be that they wanted to create a contrast to the desert, make it look like water. Another thing about this blue city is that animals and humans live in harmony side by side. All in all it’s a peaceful town in the middle of the desert with lot of legends on the blue color. Other weird but amazing buildings you will find in India is well that is made out of endless steps.

jodhpur blue city 3

jodhpur blue city 4

jodhpur blue city 5

jodhpur blue city 6

jodhpur blue city 7

jodhpur blue city 8

jodhpur blue city 9

jodhpur blue city 10

jodhpur blue city 11

jodhpur blue city 12

jodhpur blue city 13

jodhpur blue city 14

jodhpur blue city 15

jodhpur blue city 16

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