Take a Look at Pac Man’s Interesting Skull

Posted on 14 November 2010 oddy88

The epic old arcade game Pac Man that will never be boring, and that we all love so much. It is simply a little ball with a mouth (Pac Man) that is running through a maze trying to eat up all the pac-dots before the enemy ghosts eat him.

pac man skull 1

Well, have you ever wondered how the Pac Man’s skull looks like? Now you have the opportunity to know. Artist Le Gentil Garcon has used a lot of time to gently shape Pac Man’s skull. To make it all perfect he worked together with a paleontologist named Francois Escuille. Garcon used his knowledge he got throughout his studies of both the human and the animal skull.

pac man skull 2

pac man skull

The Pac Man has obviously a really interesting anatomy and some cute teeth that look like ours. The only material used is resin, and it is 65 cm in diameter. Other unreal figures that are showing their anatomy in 3D are these famous cartoon characters.

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  1. Anila Arshad Says:

    Wow its to horror for me

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