Super Sweet Sculptures by Lionel Scoccimaro – Literally

Posted on 05 October 2010 oddy88

You may have a sweet tooth, or you may not, either way you will definitely like this art work. It is basically sculptures made only out of sugar cubes. The brain behind this piece is a French artist named Lionel Scoccimaro. The sugar installations are so beautifully white that it looks like heaven and the motives are often castles and high towers, so they almost look like sandcastles, only made out of sugar.

sugar buildings 1

To create the objects he uses often several hundred kilos of sugar, and one of his pieces named Snow Landscape is about 40 square meters in size.  Lionel loves to have fun while working and thinks it is an important part of it. He often likes to say: “I’m very serious about the way I have fun.” It’s probably really hard to focus when you are on his exhibitions because of all the sugar, you will surely get hungry after a while. While Lionel is using sugar, some other artists are using paper to create amazing sculptures.

sugar buildings 2

sugar buildings 3

sugar buildings 4

sugar buildings 5

sugar buildings 6

sugar buildings 7

sugar buildings 8

sugar buildings 9

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