Stunning And Delicate Toothpick Art

Posted on 05 August 2011 oddy88

Most of us use toothpicks after eating or maybe for some detailed work like nail art. This guy is using it to make art. Amazing! His name is Steven J. Backman and for him every toothpick can be made into a famous landmark replica. The sculptures are so small that it’s ridiculously difficult to even imagine how he does it.

white house toothpick

He uses only toothpicks and glue, and for some of the sculptures he is even using only 1 toothpick. Of course he fails a lot of times before he finally makes one that’s perfect, because a toothpick is obviously very fragile. The landmarks are for example the Eiffel Tower, Golden Gate Bridge, The White House and Empire State Building.

starry night toothpick

He has also used several toothpicks to make illustrations of Mona Lisa, etc. Toothpick art has been popular for quite some time. Here you can see the biggest and tallest toothpick structure ever.

eiffel tower toothpick

empire state building toothpick

golden gate bridge toothpick

mona lisa toothpick

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