Stunning 150 Years Old 3D Photos

Posted on 20 June 2011 oddy88

We are all aware of the fact that there were no 3D effects 150 years ago. Well, maybe that’s just a theory, because they actually had something alike 3D that they called stereo photography. It was pretty popular during the Civil War in 1861. Here you can see a selection of Civil War photographs that have some kind

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of 3D effect.

3d war photo 1

They were all released by The Library of Congress recently. They basically used two 2D images and “melted” them together, so it would look three-dimensional.

3d war photo 2

The method they used was some sort of digitally converting that made the two images into an anaglyphs, that can be viewed with 3D glasses.

3d war photo 3

The library has its own Flickr page and website where you can find thousands of photos. Looking at the 3D photos without glasses can be a bit disturbing.

3d war photo 4

Photoshop didn’t either exist back in the days, but here are some amazing photo montages that are done without it.

3d war photo 5

3d war photo 6

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