Stargate Atlantis Home Theater – Truly Sci Fi Pleasure

Posted on 05 March 2010 oddy88

Stargate Atlantis home theatre is a specially designed theme theatre with special Visual and Acoustic effects. When you wave a hand at the Atlantis Logo at the entrance of the theatre, the doors automatically slide open just like the star Wars.

stargate home theater 1

There are motion sensors which on stimulation trigger the air pockets doors to open, thus welcoming you into the world of the famous Stargate Atlantis Home Theatre.

stargate home theater 2

stargate home theater 3

As you step inside, you are fascinated and feel like stepping out of this world into Lantea which is the actual fictional home of the TV series Stargate Atlantis. Who could have created this home theatre? Yes, it is none other than Jacob Yarmuth located in Louisville, KY .He is the world’s biggest fan of the Stargate Atlantis series.

stargate home theater 4

Jacob Yarmuth whopped out $ 70000 to make his dream come true-the dream of creating a replica of the Stargate Atlantis Home theatre. The Screen is circular and 1 foot in diagonal just like the star gate screen.

stargate home theater 5

Other Sci-Fi features include Sony Mega changers that house up to 80 DVD’s can attest to that, a star dome that shows comets shooting across space. The THX speakers pump out seven channel sound and are accompanied by 2 polko Audio IW subwoofers.

stargate home theater 6

stargate home theater 7

The Atlantis technology is immense and must be seen to be believed. In other words the Atlantis Home theatre creates magic and bringing alive the fictional Stargate series into your home.

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  1. Todd F Says:

    “The Screen is circular and 1 foot in diagonal”… this home theater has a 12 inch screen?!?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    “The Screen is circular and 1 foot in diagonal”

    You wanna try again?

  3. fasdf Says:

    I like the show, but that is ultimately tacky

  4. Schenectady Home Theater Says:

    I find The Dark Knight Blu Ray is great for testing on HD tv’s / projectors. You’ll get a great sense of color and black level performance. There’s also a lot of sequences that are quite useful for gauging image smoothness when the aspect ratio changes for the Imax scenes and suddenly you’re using the full 16:9. Oh, and the the semi flipping scene is quite epic, and an absolute blast on as large a screen as possible. The Watchmen, and the new Star Trek are also good choices, and for animated movies anything Pixar will suffice.

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