Star Wars Toys Cool Photo Shoot

Posted on 20 March 2011 oddy88

Star Wars this and Star Wars that, it is all around us and we love it. Now Star Wars toys are suddenly models posing for some amazing photography. Most of these toys that are used are from LEGO, because it’s so popular. Photographer Avanaut is the man behind these amazing photos of Star Wars toys in different situations.

star wars 1

He has been photographing kid’s toys for years, and he thought it would be fun to make a photo shoot with Star Wars theme. In the photos you can see all the famous characters like Stormtroopers, Chewbacca and Darth Vader among many others. The lighting and the angles are so amazing that Avanut has really showed his photography skills in this project. But he is not the only one having fun with Star Wars toys, here is another example: the Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon.

star wars 2

star wars 3

star wars 4

star wars 5

star wars 6

star wars 7

star wars 8

star wars 9

star wars 10

star wars 11

star wars 12

star wars 13

star wars 14

star wars 15

star wars 16

star wars 17

star wars 18

star wars 19

star wars 20

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