Stalin’s Gulag Prison – The World’s Deadliest Prison of All Times

Posted on 18 May 2010 oddy88

You thought that holocaust was horrible? Then, you probably should know something about the Gulag prison which was one of the worst prisons of Soviet regime. This complex of buildings can be found even today in Taga forest, in Russian Siberia.

abandoned prison camp 1

This place is known as huge death factory which was working during the Stalin regime. The estimated number of people who were killed only in this prison is over 40 million which is almost 7 times worst than holocaust where allegedly died about 6 million people.

abandoned prison camp 2

abandoned prison camp 3

Most of prisoners were those who were against Stalin’s politics or those who were mistakenly considered to be the opponents of Stalin regime. The Gulag prison was closed in 1953, immediately after Stalin’s death.

abandoned prison camp 4

abandoned prison camp 5

abandoned prison camp 6

Most of prisoners were convicted in poor trials where they were pronounced to be the enemies of the state and they were sent to this prison. Such ‘trials’ were also present in most of other communist countries where every man who confronted the communist regime was the enemy of the state.

abandoned prison camp 7

abandoned prison camp 8

abandoned prison camp 9

abandoned prison camp 10

Convicts were living in those poorly build wooden barracks where they waited their turn to experience the death.

abandoned prison camp 11

abandoned prison camp 12

abandoned prison camp 13

abandoned prison camp 14

abandoned prison camp 15

Today, this almost unreachable place is cowered by vegetation which hides the horrible trails of communist regime in Soviet Russia.

More info at Wikipedia, photo credits AngelFire.

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  1. TheCuriosity Says:

    Google earth link?

  2. nightkraawler Says:

    i DONT KNOW .. but it seems that stalins’ way of controlling the population of USSR was to kill as many undesirables as possible. He obviously killed anyone he viewed as a threat ,anyone that could cause a revolt, which could be religious leaders, war heroes,educated people, people that requested to leave USSR, even people that once lost a lot due to communism like land owners. He was so paranoid that anyone could end up on his death lists. . Along with the people I mentioned, he also killed lots of ethnic jews, gipsies,muslims etc.. I cant believe that there are russians that think he was a great man.. my guess is that either they were part of the system that kept the rest in fear… or they have selective memory.

  3. MRB Says:

    40 million deaths is a GROSS overstatement! According to most studies between 1 and 1.6 million died in the various GULAG prison camps from 1929 through 1953. Don’t get me wrong, that is horrific, but it is a far cry from 40 million. The situation was bad enough. You don’t have to exaggerate.

  4. lly Says:

    There’s a reason Solzhenitsyn named his book the Gulag Archipelago: there wasn’t just one camp filled with all of the enemies of the state. There was a vast network of them throughout the east.

    Putting up such obvious absurdities as that this one camp saw 40 million people pass through it only makes you look ridiculous and supports the paranoia of some Russians who would prefer to think Stalin’s barbarism was manufactured by the West.

    Undeniably, he was a great man. He brought Lenin’s mess of a system to heel, forced through enough industrialization to fend off the Germans, and effectively bluffed his way into controlling half of Europe and equal billing with the vastly more powerful US. He’s lionized by Russians who miss being treated as a Great Power who don’t realize/care Tsarist Russia was already industrializing and Communism set the country back.

    None of which, of course, excuses the wretched evilness of his actions or the people who ignore that to support him. But they aren’t limited to Russians: plenty of Western liberals supported him, his policies, and his intelligence networks.

  5. EttaCat Says:

    I’m with TheCuriosity – Where’s your Google Earth link? No mention even of a general location (Magadan? Sakha? Chukotka?). Most of Siberia is still in low-res imagery on GE, so I’d love to know where this camp is. And, where did you get the 40 million figure? I have seen many different numbers, but never one so high as that.

    The Soviets kept poor records (unlike the Nazis) and burned as much as they could of what they did have when the war was winding down, so it is impossible to know an accurate figure. The general consensus of historians is in the low millions (not tens of millions) executed. Of course, there is a huge difference between the number executed and those worked and/or starved to death. I have seen the latter estimated between 10 and 25 million, depending on the source. (I believe this includes the Stalin-instigated famine in the Ukraine.)

  6. Concerned Historian Says:

    I would just like to point out that saying that this is worse than the Holocaust is rather absurd if you base it on the number of people killed. First of all, 6 million Jews were killed; not people in total. Rather it was around 11 million. That of course doesn’t even include the 60 million soldiers and civilians that were killed as a direct result of the Holocaust. Do your research before making absurd claims.

  7. A BiPolar Guy Says:

    thing to take away regardless of the number from the gulag, is that all told (counting all the ways he killed people) stalin was responsible for killing as many if not more people than the holocaust. This should NOT be seen as any diminishment of the holocaust but to understand that stalin was at least as bad as hitler but most people don’t know it. Because he was an ally of the west against hitler, we turned a blind eye and sealed our lips. The US and other countries also ignored the holocaust – only fighting hitler because he attacked europe and the japanese attacked the US. We need to discard our naive views of our countries and the choices they made.

  8. Youdumbass Says:

    The gulag was a word for a series of prisons spread over a wide geographic area. Do some basic research please.

  9. zaire67 Says:

    Regardless of the actual stats. Stalin was a murderous dictator, but his true history is obscured because he was victorious. Hitler on the other hand was not victorious and thus unable to rewrite history in his favor. Also, the “Holocaust” took place over a shorter period of time, making it’s emotional impact so much greater.

    If one includes all people who died as a result of WWII, then one must account for all those who died as a direct result of Soviet Russian activities. As not all those who died were at the hands of Hitlers Germany, but as collateral result of his activities. Thus Hitler’s murderous spree ended in the bunker, but Stalin’s did not end until the collapse of Soviet Russia.

    But I think we all can agree that this is just sick.

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