Ship Graveyard in Mauritania

Posted on 28 January 2011 oddy88

The world’s largest ship graveyard can be found in the city of Nouadhibou that is the second largest city in Mauritania. It contains about 300 ships that are abandoned of course, or else it wouldn’t be a ship graveyard. The reason for these ships being here is because corrupt officials were bribed from boat owners to allow them to dump their boats in Nouadhibou.

shipyard 1

This all started in the 80’s when the nationalization of of the Mauritanian fishing industry was over, and the left over ships were simply dumped at the harbour. This has caused problems in many ways, but finally the European Union is taking action and trying to re-float or destroy the abandoned wrecks.

shipyard 2

The water around is so filthy that you can’t even imagine, luckily they are going to do something about it. In Russia they have also a similar problem, where they have discovered a large group of abandoned frozen ships near Kamachatka.

shipyard 3

shipyard 4

shipyard 5

shipyard 6

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