Sci-Fi Illustrations From The Past

Posted on 26 July 2010 oddy88

I presumed a science fiction genre as something where you can always learn something useful. It doesn’t matter if we talk about movies or comics and animation, the past has proven that science fiction does give a realistic sight into the future despite the fact we, who live in present, are not always sure if this or that device from sci-fi movies could really become a real one day.

Shigeru Komatsuzaki is one of the world’s most famous sci-fi illustrator who created some amazing drawings and, today, we can see that what once was science fiction for this guy, it is pretty part of reality today.

Shigeru Komatsuzaki who died in 2001 created most of these drawings in ’50s and ’60s of the past century.

Via Pinktentacle.

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  1. R4 Says:

    Some of these look straight out of old Japanese anime – a real cool blast from the past!

  2. N Miller Says:

    The Bluebird pic isn’t sci-fi. It was a famous vehicle be Donald Cambell that broke the land speed record. There was also a boat bluebird that he built to break the water speed record, famously dying in the process. (body never recovered)

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