Say Hello to the Saddest Pug of All Time

Posted on 16 November 2010 oddy88

A man’s best friend. You got to love dogs! They are always there for you, so playful, so happy and curious. But what has happened with this dog? This must be the saddest dog ever, and the cutest because of his little furry sweater. The breed is the famous Pug or Puglet, and the wrinkles that they have on their snout gives them such a sad appearance, but I have never seen a Pug with so sad face that it looks like the whole world is going down.

sad pug 1

But that is not the only thing that makes the whole situation bad; he is sitting tied to a street post outside like he is waiting for his owner, or at least I hope so. It is amazing what a dog face with so many expressions can make people think. Speaking of dogs in the street, this artist is making dog-like sculptures among others out of newspaper and places them out on the streets of New York.

sad pug 2

sad pug 3

sad pug 4

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  1. Hushkababa Says:

    Someone needs to mix this with sad keanu

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