Rusty Russian Jet Fighters’ Days Are Over

Posted on 18 July 2011 oddy88

If you are into old jet fighters, especially the old Soviet ones you will be amazed by the fact that there is a big field near Moscow that holds several of them. Of buy levitra cialis viagra course they’re not in use any more, but they still look safe online pharmacy cialis powerful. As you may notice some of viagra online pay with paypal their parts are missing, especially the nose cones. People actually natural alternative to viagra gnc come and take them to keep them as souvenirs.

old jet fighter 1

Other parts are also “stolen” from the jet fighters. It’s funny what people tend to collect, but you never know when you’re going to need a jet fighter engine, right? You can see how it looks inside as best canadian pharmacy well in this selection of photos. Notice the instructions written in Russian.

old jet fighter 2

All in all the jet fighters are still standing there proud with their red stars on the wings. The same thing has happened to loads of huge ships that have been abandoned in Russia.

old jet fighter 3

old jet fighter 4

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old jet fighter 5

old jet fighter 6

old jet fighter 7

old jet fighter 8

old jet fighter 9

old jet fighter 10

old jet fighter 11

old jet fighter 12

old jet fighter 13

old jet fighter 14

old jet fighter 15

Photos via mmet.

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