Russian World War 2 Bunkers

Posted on 06 January 2010 oddy88

The World War II bunkers provide an in-sight depth into the amazing history that revolved around the most titanic conflict in the history, that shook the world then and with whose consequences the modern world is still living. The Russian World War II bunker is no more different. Deep in the mountains of Russia, there lies this unbelievably huge underground bunker.

world war 2 bunker 1

world war 2 bunker 2

world war 2 bunker 3

One look at the bunker, it surely takes you into that era of turmoil which had witnessed only bloodshed. Getting into it is more like traveling on a time-machine. The hidden artillery behind these green covered walls display the strategic intelligence used by the army men then empowered by secret wall openings around the bunker. Though most of the area is in a dilapidated condition, the overall original structure is standing still firm with solid construction it was made with, retaining the originality of the place, even after years has passed by.

world war 2 bunker 4

world war 2 bunker 5

world war 2 bunker 6

world war 2 bunker 7

world war 2 bunker 8

world war 2 bunker 9

world war 2 bunker 10

world war 2 bunker 11

world war 2 bunker 12

world war 2 bunker 13

world war 2 bunker 14

world war 2 bunker 15

world war 2 bunker 16

world war 2 bunker 17

world war 2 bunker 18

world war 2 bunker 19

world war 2 bunker 20

world war 2 bunker 21

world war 2 bunker 22

Via TJ Frank.

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  1. david wayne osedach Says:

    What an interesting piece of history! I’d like to see the remains of this fortress. Barring that a video.

  2. Scotty Says:

    Can this be seen on Google earth?

  3. Mikulas Says:

    Nice photos, but those definetly aren’t the most toughtest Bunkers of WW2, check Czechoslovak fortifications!

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