Robokid – A Kid That Keeps the Law in His Hands

Posted on 24 January 2011 oddy88

This must be the cutest robot ever. The two year old little “RoboKid” decided to be a robot on Halloween after seeing the trailer for “Robocop”, and what other option did the father, James Griffioen, have than to make him a costume. And who said that it had to be pricey?

robokid 2

James Griffioen found all of the materials for the costume in his basement, and he spent about $12. The chest piece of the costume is made from an empty laundry-detergent bottle, the back is made of milk jugs, and the circles on the sides are from orange-juice-container lids. The boots are made by gluing “old crap” (like the father said himself) to the son’s old rain boots.

robokid 3

Underneath the son was wearing a child-sized wetsuit that the father got on eBay. This was all painted gray at the end so it would get the perfect robot look. It definitely made the kid the star of Halloween 2010. Back in the days halloween costumes had to be scary, and here are some examples.

robokid 9

Via Sweet Juniper.

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