Remarkable Coffee Paintings By Karen Eland

Posted on 07 December 2009 oddy88

Exquisite coffee art is a unique technique developed by a young artist from Tulsa where he achieves his incredible works of art by the use of coffee as her medium. By using coffee as the only art medium, the artist exhibits these exquisite talents in his divine works of art. The coffee art is the backstage pass into the world of bean selection, small batch coffee roasting and artisan quality brewing. He educates, advocates, inspires while at the same time giving a good dose of caffeine.

coffee art 1

Exquisite Coffee Art forms an invaluable and indispensable reference source in coffee inspiration for all coffee aficionados and lovers of espressos, cappuccinos and lattes. Exquisite Coffee Art covers every aspect of making and choosing coffee from varying freshly-roasted Arabica beans to brewing to suit your taste. Exquisite Coffee Art also involves specialty coffee estates and flavor profiles, exquisite paintings of various cultures, crafts and arts. All thanks to Karen Eland for showing us this outstanding form of art.

coffee art 2

coffee art 3

coffee art 4

coffee art 5

coffee art 6

coffee art 7

coffee art 8

coffee art 9

coffee art 10

coffee art 11

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