Real World Adventures of 8-Bit Super Mario and his Fellowship

Posted on 20 May 2010 oddy88

Super Mario is one of the most recognizable and most famous game character of all times. There is no many people who didn’t play Super Mario game, and the game is popular even today.

super mario game

Super Mario is hero and he can overcome any problem, he can beat any beast including that fire-spitting dragon. But, according to following photos Super Mario is not only hero in the world of games, Super Mario has skipped all boundaries of unreal gaming world an became part of reality. It seems that he was involved in almost every important event and was present in almost every place on earth and even further, he managed to fly into space and who knows where more he has been…

Bowsers Whitehouse Super Mario

One of the hardest battles took a place in white house where Super Mario met fire-spiting dragon, again.

Beep Beep Coming Through Super Mario

It seems that Super Mario and his fellowship were having some fun while that unknown guy decided to stand in front of the tank column in Tianmen Square.

Big Bass Attacks Super Mario

While swimming, don't forget what troubles Super Mario had when he had to swim in sea.

Donkey Kong Super Mario

King Kong had to 'digitalize' itself to try to find Super Mario so he became Donkey Kong. But Super Mario was always fast enough to run away on time.

Free ah yo mind Neo Super Mario

Remember neo, just free your mind pres turbo and juuuuuump.

Get Down Now Super Mario

How did you even think to raise that flag without Super Mario, flag-raising master?


If you see an unusual flying object in space, or some strange colors, don't forget that it could be Super Mario or some of his friends.

This Aint Rainbow Road Super Mario

Super Mario and his fellowship are model citizens and they cross the roads only on zebra crossings.

Yeah He Was There To Super Mario

And yes, he was there, too...

Via Cody van Tol from DeviantArt.

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  1. UuexpectT Says:

    This article is probably the most poorly written article I’ve ever seen in my life. Are you in 3rd grade?

  2. Chopper Says:

    Wow. nice grammar and spelling.

  3. ChopperDave Says:

    like the pics the article is a little weak…. wondering if the artist wrote the article?????

  4. Cody van Tol Says:

    I didn’t write the article i just did the images except for the first 3-d one I didn’t do that one.

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