Real Life Shrek Existed

Posted on 13 April 2011 oddy88

For those of you who don’t know who Shrek is, let me explain: he is a big and not so attractive green ogre in this animated movie that goes by the same name. Yes he is a fictional character, but imagine the real life Shrek. He actually existed! The French Maurice Tillet, born 1903, was better known as the “Freak Ogre of the Ring” because he was a professional wrestler.

real shrek 1

But why he got compared to Shrek is because he had Acromegaly, a disease that made his bones grow uncontrollably large, so for many people he looked weird, and many would say scary and ugly like Shrek. But as Shrek he was a charismatic guy.

real shrek 2

The disease made also some disfigurements to his body so he even looked more unusual. I don’t know how he got accepted at that time, I suppose they looked on him as different, but he seemed very witty and positive, and they also called him The French Angel, so never judge a book by its cover.

real shrek 3

All I know is that it would be cool seeing him in person. He couldn’t help looking like that because of the disease, but these meth addicts could, but they chose to destroy themselves.

real shrek 4

real shrek 5

real shrek 6

real shrek 7

real shrek 8

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